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A Man About Tomorrow, Rough Draft
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A Million Miles Away
For years now I've gotten that lonely feeling-- wishing I was back home in my grandparents' house in Franklin Parish.  Wishing I could click my heels 3 times and go HOME.  But God, where would I end up once I clicked?
My college roommate and I, both poor and both from rural northeastern Louisiana, used to get out maps at night and dream about driving way way way out to where the states were "flat".  Yuma, Arizona seemed like the end of the world.  We wondered what it would be like to start again without all the things we were missing- confidence, the biological fathers we never knew, money and security. . . We imagined who we could be in Yuma.
I thought getting married would fix it. So I got married. I'm 32, on the second hubby, and I feel no less deeply lost and homesick for a place I never knew.  I make art and I feel better, just the act of bringing something beautiful from my mind into mundane reality seems to fix it.  I listen to music- Venetian Snare
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I really do love coming in here and writing journals from time to time (I don't do it nearly as often as I probably ought to), because honestly no one reads them. . . and there's some marvelous little thrill in saying what you like, semi-publically, yet knowing there is a roughly ninety per cent chance no one will ever see it or care.  And the fact that it's here stashed with my art, like some haphazard digital hope chest, makes it all the more eccentrically fulfilling.  Maybe one day I'll connect with another absurdist eccentric intellectual snob on this site who is as weird and analytical as I am, and they'll have the guts to tell me "Jesus, Zoe, you are one passive aggressive little social critic posing as a Southern Belle."

I wonder why it's so easy, even effortless, for so many people to be inauthentic. I tell myself that it's just my part of the country, and my constant discomfort with it is only indicative of my love/hate relationship with the American South.  It seems to be the default state of the human race, or at least in middle-to-upper class America where people think they have so much to lose. . . to quote one of my personal heroes, Morrissey "They're so scared to show intelligence; it might smear their lovely career."  

That's right, Sean Patrick: This world, I am afraid, is designed for crashing bores.  And I am not one. . . 

But the utterly delicious part is that no one knows this.  I always feel like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap, when he first arrives in someone else's life and, before he even gets to a reflective surface to actually identify his new form, he learns a lot just by the way people treat him.  (There needs to be one of those darling little pseudo-spiritual books written called The Philosophy of Quantum Leap.  But that's another essay for another day, and I'll probably never write it.)

The underlying message of that show, a childhood favorite of mine, was that people react to who you LOOK like, not who you ARE.  No matter how much evidence they receive to the contrary, they will interact with what you seem to be and with what they need for you to be.  This observance may sound adolescent-- and I'll admit I never lost the Holden Caulfield worldview I embraced at 14, because it still seems pretty relevant.
This is why:

I look like a very different creature than I really am.  As I've transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom and artist back into a full time career, I've found my life dominated by the discrepancy between the authenticity of self that I cannot help but insist upon and the suppositions and inauthenticity that others seem to live with unquestioningly.  (To give some context here, I am an administrative civil servant . . .I'll leave it at that.  Part of this could be that I am utterly unsuited temperamentally to such work, but for the time being it is necessary that i make the best of this and treat it as a social experiment of sorts.)

What I appear to be to the people I meet each day is a petite caucasian female, conservatively dressed and overtly compassionate and rather self-effacing in my humor, simply because I've never had much of an ego and humility comes naturally to me.  I'm an INTJ on the Meyers Briggs inventory, which is a very rare type in general and an even rarer type for females.  As a result, I do not get along well with nor understand other women very well.  I find gossip repugnant and cruel-- I have vices of my own and do not judge others for doing this, as it seems to be something they do out of a desperate need to feel superior or in control.  

What is so strange to me is how people insist upon reacting to the woman they see and the beliefs they attach to her--  this woman they believe must be privileged and naive and weak-- rather than getting to know me.  When I present new ideas at work, as part of my job description, I'm treated like an eccentric child.  In fact, I've noticed that any behavior I present that deviates from the role I am suppose to play, that of an affluent white woman whose husband probably takes care of her, is at first laughed at and, if repeated, met with ridicule.  I'm not supposed to be smart (never mind that I have a BA in History, attended graduate school for a year and a half, taught freshman composition as a grad assistant at the University of New Orleans when I was 23, and then went back to school for a two year graphic design program later in my 20's.)  I'm not supposed to be creative-- even though I'm working on a novel and I draw and paint constantly.  

I'm just not supposed to be myself.  I don't even think I'm supposed to be particularly interesting.  No one around me is.  I almost want to stand up and say "I notice a lot of you spend your time between menial clerical tasks shopping for shoes online.  Well, maybe you could shop for a personality while you're at it.  I have one, myself.  I mean its scary at first, but really. . . They're fucking awesome!"


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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a storyteller: A writer and an illustrator who isn't afraid to take risks with mixed media if it tells the story the way it should be told. But mostly I am a lifelong student. I read everything from literary theory to Borges to Neil Gaiman's graphic novels. My main inspirations are silent and classic films, history and folklore, the etchings of Albrecht Dürer and the work of William Blake. My mission is to bring the haunting movies in my mind to life through both images and language, so I am currently attempting a graphic novel. Mostly I draw in graphite and charcoal. I love doing 3D crafts such as decoupage and small sculptures of my Woodland characters, but this is mostly for my own amusement. I also love GoT and fantasy/pre-Raphaelite art. My ultimate dream is to make stills from a silent film of my own imagining using my drawings and illuminated text. But today I am still researching and learning. My favorite writers are Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung, as well as many historical writers such as Antonia Fraser. I adore art history- the Bauhaus, surrealist and magical realist movements are vital to me. I am still experimenting with digital art, with translating my "silent film German expressionist" or "storybook" style into digital work. I am always eager to make friends
and learn more in this regard. I'm also the proud mum
Of an 8 month old son. I've been a teacher, a paralegal, a commercial silk screener, and a techie at Best Buy. Today I am an artist and a wife/mommy. Best jobs on earth!


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(You have a really interesting artstyle, tough.)

Hello dear random deviant! If you are bored, or you trying to find some inspiration or a challange, here i am. I'm just asking for a drawning request! If you don't take any, don't read it to the end.

It's that guy here: (2 pictures)……

I wanna see how different people draw him. It would be interesting to show that to my teacher. (yes it's for a school project) 

Would be awesome if you join :)
ZoeCicero Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hmmm-- ok, he looks like Krampus from German legend, who I am working on now for my husband's Monster's Legends team on FB.  
Can you tell me some of his backstory?  I will gladly draw him.
ErayXeberus Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Uhh, i don't know how to explain that in english. But this is only a Transformation. The true name is Eray Xeberus, not "E." 
A rivale of eray did a magical spell on him and in a lot amount of time he wasn't able to switch back to his human form. At the end someone mysterious, like a wizard, gave him some of his bottles with magical substances. As he drank it he felt weird. Something changed in his body. He could switch the bodys now! And he was more powerful with "E." than before. --- E. can spawn blue and red dots (i guess it's called dots?) they're made out of energy. In a very hard fight he transformated to E. to beat the enemy.…

So and sorry for my bad english :C hope you understand everything.
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